Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mommy -O, Little Bitty - 1

If I sit in just the right spot on the hallway floor Brother and Little Bitty can each see me from their respective rooms as they lay in their beds. That is - if Brother sleeps with his head at the foot of his bed - which he is now doing. I thought this was a good plan, one that would allow me to do something productive (i.e. update my blog, configure a database, find out if LiLo and Sam are a couple or not) during our bedtime routine that seems to take up about a quarter of my life. So, now we have Brother upside down in his bed and me with a sore back from sitting scrunched over on the floor and a headache from squinting at my keyboard in the dark. And Little Bitty... she spent approximately 3.5 seconds in her bed. It didn't matter if she could see me or not. She instead brought every pillow, blanket, Backyardigan, doll, and book she could find from her room and made a nest-type-area RIGHT next to me. It wouldn't be soooo bad if she had then laid down and fallen asleep. But after a half an hour (or two hours - who can recall at this point?) of arranging afore mentioned articles - she was still wide awake - shouting, "MOMMY!!" every so often - mainly to taunt me to show that she wasn't in her bed.

Last I heard, her father was singing Old McDonald with her in the other room and had moved past the normal farm animals and was grasping for new animals that make noice... what does an otter say again?

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Jasmine said...

Otters say "I shall smash your skull like a clam on my tummy!"