Friday, July 18, 2008

Picture Post!

Ok - I have not had very many free moments since returning from the country a couple weeks ago. We do - however - have a bunch of fun pictures. I think I will just post them in randomness and let you enjoy. These are just from our camera (yes! we got a new one!) - my in laws and friends also sent some nice ones... but they've already seen all those - so I'll stick to the ones they haven't yet seen.
My favorite.

My little dude. Exploring the creek. Where we also swim - and sometimes bathe.
Daddy and Brother doing something I disapprove of - but they love - so how can I argue?! CHEESE.
New b-day gift!
Mommy, Bitty, Aunt. Love.
Picking blackberries. They LOVED this... as you can tell by their faces. Little Bitty actually fed me one with a ladybug inside of it. Crunchy.
The rest of the family.


Michelle Smiles said...

A ladybug? mmm...maybe some extra protein?

Cute photos!

TNKerry said...

Great pictures.
How exactly did you know it was a ladybug? (Just thinking that if you saw the ladybug, you would not have actually eaten the blackberry??? :) - but if LB is anything like CiCi maybe you were force fed.

Anonymous said...

You got some great pictures! Such a fun and special time for us all! How did I miss the ladybug incident? :-)
Love ya, Nikki

Andy said...

WOW!!!! I don't care what Blake says, your blog rocks like Bon Jovi in 87!!!!! " We're half way there WOO WOO Livin' on a prayer."