Thursday, July 31, 2008

This, That and the Other

Is it bad to be watching The View and making a blog entry all while on a conference call for work...or is it just superior multi-tasking? I'll go with the later.

My poor little blog has been somewhat neglected lately because of my "free time" being spent sewing... and I also think my brain has a limited amount of creativity and if I use it all creating a new lounge wear set for toddlers, there isn't much left over for an interesting blog entry. But, I am going to give it a go.

Things in the Team T household are going well. Brother continues to practice riding his bike. He hasn't gotten steering down to a science yet - but he balances pretty well on the two wheels considering how much his handle bars are being jerked around this way and that. He's also continued to practice his velocipraptor dance - and even motivated Little Bitty to try out a version of it - and it was priceless. I have GOT to capture these moves on video. I swear it would be funny to even non-child-obsessed people.

Little Bitty is a full-on two year old and we LOVE it. This age is hilarious. It's funny when she tries to be funny (like putting a shoe on her head or falling down on purpose with "WHOA WHOOOAA" sound effects), it's funny when she's serious (like when she thinks she hears the "man" who brings "pops" and she puts her little hand to her ear and her eyes get all wide), it's even funny when she's ornery (like when Brother looks in the direction of something that isn't hers but she might want at some point and she freaks, snatches it and yells "MINE!!", while bearing her teeth and snarling)... it's all just good stuff.

Tomorrow we are meeting up with my sister and her kids in "Chagganooga" to go to the much-hyped aquarium and then on to Alabama to spend a little more time with family. I'll post some pictures upon our return. It's not a big trip, just an overnighter. It's the second to last Fun Friday, so we're really doin' it up.

Oh and one request - check out the following shows... Burn Notice and In Plain Sight. I know they aren't as cool as Weeds or Lost or whatever else all the hip people watch. BUT - it seems that every time my husband and I find a show that we both enjoy and that has full episodes available online (think Las Vegas and Crossing Jordan) it is cancelled. Ok, with that - I feel that I've revealed a little too much about myself. I shall end here. ;)


Anonymous said...

I am not sure I can wait to see the little man ride his bike......I cannot tell you how psyched we were to get 'the call' for the multi-tasking-- you OWN the title of Queen Multi-tasker!!!!
Miss you guys!! Cuzin Marci

carla said...

Im saddened to see you are a member of the other team.

my husband AND PARENTS (?!) are members.

they adore all things burn notice.
I swear it is the ONLY SHOW on tv I dislike vigorously.

now In Plain Sight (and raf?) ME LIKEY.