Monday, November 3, 2008

Tasha, Spiderman and a whole bunch of pirates...

We had a fabulous weekend. The kids partied non-stop for three days starting at school on Friday with their Halloween parties. The weekend progressed through trick-or-treating, soccer game, soccer party, and the birthday bash for Brother yesterday. Yes - he's five now. And I'm so proud of him. He's such a great little dude and if someone had asked me what I'd like my son to be like... I don't think I could have ever imagined or described a kid this great.

On to the pics!

The Birthday Boy - on Friday as Spiderman


Little Bitty checking out her Tasha costume

Waiting patiently in class for her party to begin.

The calm before the storm (pirate theme party - this was our home-made plank and sea of balloons, certain balloons had treasure maps hidden inside for the treasure hunt)
The storm!
Treasure Maps in hand - we headed outside.
Brother (Red Sox hat) passing out some treasure.
I think this look might be "do I really have to eat more sugar?"
Presents! Look at Little Bitty's face... sad that it's not for her.

And on a separate note - to the person whole stole not only our Obama sign, but the others on my street the other night - Thank You. What you accomplished by this juvenile and cowardly act was another donation to the Obama campaign. I went less than 12 hours later to replace not just ours, but the others on our street. Through this, I met some great women at the campaign office, bonded with my neighbors and reinforced my confidence that I placed my vote for the right people. I hope that your act of trespassing and burglary resulting in no Obama signs on my rural neighborhood street for a few hours in the middle of the night left you feeling just as good. Way to do your part.


Heather said...

So much Mommy creativity! Wow! I love the pirate party and the Tasha costume is so adorable.

And I don't get the childish lack of self-control required to steal campaign signs. There was actually a local candidate in our area who went around taking down his opponent's signs and ended up getting caught and charged with a misdemeanor count of stealing.

TNKerry said...

Man, you sure are creative and that Tasha outfit is awesome. YOu desrve to toot you own horn for that.
And I agree, very childish of someone to go around stealing campaign signs. Atleast you got something good out of it.

Princess Gabby and Prince Hunter said...

way to go Melany!

Your cuties look adorable, hope you guys had a great Halloween!