Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and an Etsy Sale!

Hello! I hope everyone had a great celebration of Thanks with their family and friends! I know we did - and ours is still going strong. The kids and I are with my mother in-law in Florida and are heading to the beach for a couple days. My sister in-law is joining us too! The grown up guys are together in the cold somewhere having some manly bonding time. I'm so glad to be a woman.


As you start your holiday shopping, please note that I will give my blog readers FREE shipping on any purchases at my Etsy shop between now and December 10th. Just send me an Etsy convo before purchasing and tell me you are a blog reader. I'll do a reserved listing for you of whatever you'd like with no shipping cost. Thanks! ;)

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Anonymous said...

You MADE all that? I am totally impressed!!