Friday, November 7, 2008

They continue to suprise me...

A couple of days ago the kids were taking a bath and Brother was babbling on and on to/about/at one of the bath toys. Just silly chatter (anyone who has had a four or five year old probably knows what I mean), just making noise. Just as I was about annoyed with it, I heard Little Bitty turn to him and shout, "CHILL OUW, BruhBruh!" (translation: Chill Out, Brother)

So funny coming from this tiny little girl who surprises us with new phrases everyday. I would like to pretend that she learned that one at school... but I would be pretending.


What else has surprised me lately? Well, my husband using my cucumber facial cleansing wipes to assist in changing a dirty diaper yesterday was completely absurd surprising to me also. But, hey -I think Little Bitty's bum was probably alert and rejuvenated all day.


Mother Goose said...

How do you do that cross through/ mark out thing? I've tried and I can't make it work. I know it'll be stealing your funny font trick, but sometimes I feel like I need it! Help me.


Heather said...

Actually, I think I might try "chill out." Much better than the "shut up" that someone in my house learned from watching Madagascar (I'm not fond of the lemur king right now).

The cucumber facial wipes, though, I might leave to your husband.