Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Bitty Big World

Our Little Bitty is growing up. She's been sleeping in her own bed all week. While this does mean that one of us is up every couple of hours to soothe her back to sleep (I'm totally questioning if it is even worth it, I feel like I have a newborn)it is going pretty well and we're hoping it sticks this time.

She also finally popo-ed on the potty yesterday! She's been staying dry and has no problem peeing on the pot - but had been hesitant to really do the other duty on there. But, with some gentle coaxing a bag full of bribery items, she did it last night and we all partied like it was 1999 up in here.

Good times.


Princess Gabby and Prince Hunter said...

you are such a hoot! Gabby pooped right in the middle in the play area today at the mall and I was so happy she went while we were "out", I didn't even notice that I just made the whole area smell really bad :)Hope you guys are doing well :)

Princess Gabby and Prince Hunter said...

oh she did it in the portable potty, I failed to mention that. I really don't let my kids poop on the ground I promise.

littlezen said...

Good time at that! Go little Bitty!!