Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The art of juggling

Every once in a while I feel like all my parenting skills have gone down the drain and that my kids are two odd little creatures who probably need some sort of psychological intervention. Some days it all seems overwhelming and I don't know how people do it right... well, and many don't do it right - that's what scares me. What if I'm one of the ones messing up my kids?!

It donned on me over the last couple of days that I haven't spent enough one on one time with Brother lately. Well, it more accurately smacked me in the forehead due to some of his behaviors and things he said. And then as I'm feeling guilty about this and trying to make a plan to focus a little more on him - Little Bitty starts acting out like some sort of temperamental little tyrant. She's perfectly sweet and pleasant as long as everything is going exactly how SHE wants it. Are you singing a little too loud? Look out - you're gonna get hit. Is it not her day to open the advent calendar? God help us. Did you give her the light orange lion sippy cup instead of the dark orange lion sippy cup? Watch for a full on meltdown. She can't have chocolate for dinner? Well, family dinner may be ruined due to her crying.

So - the challenge is how do you successfully give your little guy the attention he needs for just being a good little guy - while also giving your little girl the attention she needs to help her learn that this two-year-old behavior, while age appropriate, is not going to be acceptable long term? It's a constant balancing act and while I do believe that I do it pretty well most of the time... some days it all just crashes down on my head. And on those days I just hope that "pretty well most of the time" is good enough.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Mel, bad days are always followed by good days. All you can do is follow your instincts; they are always right for the moment. Love you!! Grammy

Anonymous said...

You are an outstanding mother and it reflects in how amazing and happy your children truly are. I can only hope and pray that we're blessed with half the parenting sense that you and Blake have. Love to you all, Nikki

Heather said...

I totally understand that frustration. And I only have one!

Princess Gabby and Prince Hunter said...

Oh how I feel your pain!!! Man, the two year attitude complete with hitting, crying, attacking the animals and crazy meltdown while trying to clothe your child is sometimes a big job for us parents. Sometimes I think, how do people do this with more than two? Hope you guys had a fun New Year!