Friday, December 26, 2008

The Long Holiday Post

I've got so much to catch up on... let's see... IN THE PAST WEEK we've been to the Steelers v. Titan's game (sorry, Steelers... we were rooting for you), shopping, a limo ride to see the lights around town, Jack Daniel's making place, honkey-tonking, Christmas Eve-ing, and Christmasing. We've had in laws in town all week and we had a blast! Seriously, so much good food, good humor, well-planned events - all made even more fun by Lee's home brew family togetherness.

The kids were blessed by Santa and have been playing non-stop for the past 2 days. My mother, her husband and my grandmother also were here Christmas Day - making it even more complete.

I'm posting some pictures now. Thanks to Zia for actually carrying a camera around and giving me copies. For any family reading - THANK YOU for traveling, being here and helping make this one of the best Christmases ever. And Happy Holidays to all of our other friends and family who we didn't get to see in person.

Zia and Little Bitty ~ Christmas Time Love
Most of our Motley Crew in the Holiday Lights Tour Limo

The Cuz and her hubby ~ their first time to Nashville and they did it up right.
Nonno ready to cheer on the Steelers!
The kids love some Zia and Uncle Pete!
Brother is all smiles after opening his Millennium Falcon
Little Bitty cookin' up some Christmas breakfast
The kids are ready to eat and not in the mood for more pics

Two handsome Italians preparing our Christmas Eve dinner

The girls out honkey-tonking

And that (in a nutshell) was the Team T holiday of 2008. Perfect.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME, PERFECT, SPECTACULAR....I can't say enough how wonderful our Christmas and trip to Nashville was. Not only was it SO SPECIAL to all be together, but we could not have had better hosts! You guys went above and beyond to ensure our visit was THE BEST! THANK YOU!!!!!!! Our time together was definitly time that I will cherish - and am SO glad we got such great pictures to help us all remember the fun. I love you guys!!
Love, Zia