Monday, December 8, 2008

Let's get this party started...

We're home from our Florida trip. It was great - I am so lucky to have such a flexible job. I worked while Brother and Little Bitty played with Grammy and Zia. We also shopped, saw manatees, played with the obscene amount of toys that my in laws have, went to an upside down Wonder House place with a magic show (the kids both LOVED this and it was fun for adults), and my husband and I got a couple days alone at the conference hotel. All in all a great trip and well worth the 12 hour (each way) drive. Our kids really are great travelers - I guess they have to be considering the amount we haul them around the country.

Quotes from the trip:
  • Oh dear... now I can't find Obiwonkanobi's (yea, no idea how to spell that) head.
  • Me toot on your head.
  • Do you think Santa knows the difference between a storm trooper and a clone warrior?
  • Santa scare me.
  • I miss Daddy. He's my best friend.
  • No, get your own.
  • I don't want to leave until I get a good look at the manatee's tail.


The next two weeks shall be spent preparing for many family visitors coming for Christmas. I'm excited to do up the decorating and have visions of a Martha Stewart-esque holiday assortment of goodies placed around the house, both edible and just decorative- all handmade by me. In reality, I'll be lucky to have the laundry done and enough vodka diet coke in the house for everyone. But, it will be fun.

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