Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day 2009

People may think that I have busy days when I work full-time from home and have my side business. However, my truly busy days are when I blow all that off and have Brother and Little Bitty home from school.

Yesterday was a snow day. Daddy stayed home in the morning (so I did work a little) and he and the kids played outside. Check out the Tennessee snowman. I know he's a little small... but so was the snow, so you do what you can. After their creation - Daddy pulled the kids around the yard on a little sled. They didn't last too long outside - they were cold. We're raising true southerners.

Once Daddy took off for work, we created funny face lunches and had a picnic in Brother's bedroom. Good stuff. For dessert we did some no-bake cookies that I can't show you pictures of because they're almost gone. Brother actually had to cut me off yesterday afternoon.

As we watched a movie later, we made caterpillars out of an egg carton. It was cute to see Brother work so hard and concentrate. Little Bitty was into it as well... but she just get saying "It's OK I smash my caterpillar, right Mommy?" - she was so intent on squishing the bumps. So, her caterpillar looks a little like it was - well, smashed.

We had a fun day together. The snow is gone today - and they're back at school. But, we do have a small reminder of our Snow Day 2009.

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littlezen said...


I had to laugh when first looked the caterpillar I thought if was a feminine hygene product we all know of :-)