Friday, January 16, 2009

Yada yada yada

Despite the cold temperatures (I much prefer spring and summer) and the long nights (the kids have been in our bed more than usual) the weeks still keep flying by. I just looked and realized I haven't posted for a week. There is no reason - it's been a normal week with good family stuff - I think I've just been focused elsewhere.

I'm still creating and sewing, I am even starting a blog purely for my little boutique stuff - but the CPSIA issue hasn't been resolved yet. However, there has been some progress. I'm surprised at the number of people at Etsy just giving up and closing up - I'm also surprised at the number of people who have no clue that anything has changed. I'm trying to find a good balance of continuing so I don't lose momentum but making sure I meet the legal requirements. Even though I know that no one is going to knock on my door and imprision me for selling a few things on Etsy - I want to adhere to the law (don't I sound so grown up and responsible).

About the kids ~ Little Bitty is in full-on pretend world mode. She LOVES to play with her babies. She's their teacher, their mother, their friend... and their rule enforcer. She sends them to time out for hitting each other. It's really funny to find these poor little dolls and stuffed animals sitting in corners and hallways around the house. For the record, we never send Little Bitty to the corner. Although she is very familiar with time-out. Which, in all honesty, doesn't always work great with her. I think she usually believes that the punishment is worth it for the crime. We're not a spanking family, but we may need to explore other consequences for our little firecracker at some point. The time-outs just aren't always cutting it. Any ideas? She did get her Diego Rescue Center taken away the other day. She doesn't do naughty things just to be naughty... she's just extremely strong-willed and WILL NOT do something that she doesn't want to do (eg: clean up her Diego toys at bedtime).

Brother is doing great at Pre-K. He actually never complains about going to school anymore like he used to. His teacher this year is awesome and he has so much fun with his friends there. No real behavior issues... but I am struggling a little with his decision to let his hair grow long. I expected this more from the teenage or maybe pre-teen Brother - not from my little 5 year old. It's getting pretty shaggy. I'm not sure where/when he got this idea. I think maybe he wants to look like Troy from HSM. Who - I admit - is a good looking guy... but I'm just not sure how long I'm supposed to let my son go without a haircut. It's been several months at this point.

Ok - so pretty long post about nothing in particular... but that's what our days are made of right now. And it's perfect.

Pictures coming soon.

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Heather said...

I hope the CPSIA stuff gets straightened out for you. I'm glad you're "hanging in there" AND doing what's right.

We do a LOT of removing privileges with our little man. Time-out works when he's over-wrought or frustrated, but for defiance, we've had to take away toys or privileges.