Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun Fridays

Brother and Little Bitty have been blessed with not only good looks - but with the world's best Daddy. We decided to keep both kids home from school on Fridays for the summer and Daddy takes off and takes them somewhere for Fun Friday (Brother and Daddy have made a list of places to hit before the summer is over). I go too when I can sneak away from work - but I missed out on this past Friday. They went to a new nature/discovery type center about an hour away from us (Daddy is still not sure of the name... he's a great dad... just no so good with remembering the names of the places he takes his kids).

So - here are some fun pictures of our little ones having one of their Fun Fridays. I wasn't there - so I'm not qualified to add captions for the photos - but let me just point out that the leather cowboy vest on Little Bitty - not part of the play center - that beauty was worn from home and stayed on all day.

If you look closely, you can see Brother's head - he's collapsed under the weight of the fireman gear.


carla said...

where should I be this friday morning?

waiting with the Tornado I mean.

for our fun day.

Im in.


Ashley said...

That looks like the Discovery Center in the 'boro.

Too fun. Great idea... I'd love to see your fun Friday list.