Monday, June 16, 2008

They grow up so fast

One of the most common sentiments I've heard from more experienced parents is to "enjoy this time...they grow up so fast". And I really do try to keep this thought in my head and enjoy the moments. In fact, I've shared with a couple people recently that this blog helps me to do that. Instead of feeling completely stressed and frustrated after a particularly hard parenting experience - I can blog about it and find the humor in it while saving the experience to be able to share with people or revisit later.

Yesterday my two babies helped bake a Father's Day cake (completely Brother's idea). They were opinionated and intent on being a part of each step. We ended up with a hideous special cake to surprise Daddy with when he returned from his ball game. They were so proud of both the cake and the handmade card. I think their excitement over sharing their creations with Daddy was his best Father's Day gift. I love how much he loves them and vice verse.

As we baked, etc. I kept thinking about how they are growing up and how each challenging stage is fleeting and leading to the next, even better stage... and it does go fast. Lately I've been looking at Brother and his going-on-five self and I marvel at how my chubby baby who just yesterday spent his days eating sweet potatoes and playing with wooden spoons now spends his days seeing how risky of a move he can do on the water slide and can almost bake a cake from scratch.

And then there's Little Bitty. I saw an approximately 6 month old baby at the zoo this weekend and thought - wow - Little Bitty was that age when she came home. She was just learning to sit, had no teeth and only drank formula. Now look at her. She does her best to keep up with Brother, running every where, wants to dress herself, eats whatever we eat (well, only when she wants to), and is becoming an amazing little girl. And on Saturday - she walked into the kitchen carrying an open pocket-knife. I mean, wow - it does go fast... who even knew that she carries a blade now? Yep, they sure do grow up fast.


Raising a Vols Fan!! said...

Melany, you are such a nut, I love your posts!! Happy Father's Day and my compliments to your 2 cute little chefs!

Michelle Smiles said...

Hehe...I'll warn Sabrina not to swipe any toys from Little Bitty next time we see her! Sabrina isn't armed yet...we thought we would wait until she was 2 and make it extra special.