Monday, June 30, 2008

The weeks fly by - here's a HUGE catchup post

I haven't posted anything new in a week. It's not because we have nothing going on... I think we have so much going on that I haven't stopped to think or document any of it. So, here's a recap for anyone curious enough to read through it. If no one is that curious, at least I will have it - should I ever wonder "What WAS I doing the week of 6-23-08?!":
  • The kids had bike day at school. Little Bitty's favorite part was wearing her borrowed helmet. It was a Dora one and a huge hit. She wore it to school in the car. Brother took his big wheel - but then came home determined to get more confident on his big boy bike with training wheels. He did just that and now he's been riding all the way around the block (with Daddy jogging behind).
  • We traded in my family truckster for a more fuel efficient vehicle. This was the kids' "Fun Friday" last week. Carmax. Are they lucky or what? But they do like the new ride. And I like that I won't spend $83 a week on gas.
  • We had a visit from my mom and grandma. My grandma is almost 92 (or 93?) and broke her hip in March. But, she made the drive up from Alabama with my mom and hung out for the night. She's even out of her wheelchair and can get around independently with her walker. Go, grandma!
  • Daddy had a softball tournament. Their team came in third out, way more than three teams. He has a huge boo-boo on his leg from sliding. Little Bitty alternates between being worried about it and thinking it's funny to poke it to make Daddy yell.
  • Brother attended a birthday party at a gymnastics place and got to ride a zipline, climb a rope wall, etc. He had a blast. I have no pictures because, well - you know how I am.
  • We had dinner with some great friends who are about to embark on an adoption journey. Love the family. Love the pork chops and potatoes they cooked. YUM.
  • We went to a cookout to celebrate a friend's graduation from Harvard. She earned her Masters Degree (yay!). The kids were well-behaved and I didn't even need to accidentally give Little Bitty more than one or two rum soaked watermelon balls.
  • We head out Wednesday to our yearly 4th of July Celebration with my husband's side of the family up in PA - aka "the country". We are all looking forward to it.
  • The only downside of leaving Wednesday is that we'll miss a Good-bye Party for some of our friends who are moving. The lovely soon-to-be Dr. J will be gracing UNC with her smart self. Best wishes to them. They will be missed by countless friends here in TN.


Mother Goose said...

Thanks for the shout out! We like y'all too.

carla said...

have a great trip!

and Im jealous of soontobedrj! I love chapel hill...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Little Bitty future-Boyte! We're still holding out hope that you and X will meet one of these days!

M = feel free to pass on my contact info to Dr.J - I'd love to welcome her to the area :)

And when are you coming out this way again!?