Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something I've been working on...

I re-discovered my love of sewing recently (I know - who knew I was crafty). It has been the first time in a long time that I've found something I enjoy doing that also has the potential to contribute in a small way financially to our family (notice I say "in a small way" - nobody is quitting their day job here). Anyway, I'm working on my own online store (my vision is exceeding my web building skills here and I need help) - but in the meantime, have started posting a few things on Etsy and decided to go ahead and share that link here. See new picture with a link to the left.

I only have a few items posted so far - but more are coming. The best part of this is that I'm having fun and able to actually use that creative part of my brain that doesn't get exercised often enough in my career. And Little Bitty looks pretty stinkin' cute in some of my creations.

Thanks for checking it out if you have time! Much more to come... ;)


Trace said...

Very nice!

carla said...


I so wish I had any hidden talents.

whatcha see is whatcha get!


Michelle Smiles said...

Crap - you asked me a web related question...I passed it on to my hubby and then completely forgot about it. If you are still needing an answer, yell at me and I'll try and get Steve to answer this weekend.

And such cute stuff! Look at you being all crafty!

TNKerry said...

SO cool Melany. Wish I had your hidden talents. Wil definitely be checking your site for CiCi gear. Maybe one day se will decide to wear bows so that I can make good use of your 3-in-1's. Very cool!!!!!!!!