Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Conversation

Little Bitty (screeching at an even louder volume than usual) : "MOMMY!!!!!! ...MOMMMMMMYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

Me (startled): "Yes?! What?!"

Little Bitty (putting her finger to her lips and in a somewhat scolding tone - pointing to her doll): "Shhhh!!! BABY SLEEPING!!!"

*********** And in a separate conversation with my other young love********************

Me (to Brother): Hey- do you want to help me clean up downstairs real quick?

Brother (pausing, looking at me a little suspiciously): What do you think I would say to that?

Me: No?

Brother (continuing about his business): Yep. You're exactly right.

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Raising a Vols Fan!! said...

cute posts Melany, I enjoy catching up with you guys!