Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm a lucky girl.

I have moments with my kids when I love them so much I just want to squeeze them into little balls and put them in my pocket. I can hardly stand it - they are incredibly sweet and beautiful little people. How do I make sure they stay like this forever (not this size - but this sweet)?

Finally! A Soccer picture. That's my little #2!
We have family dinners at the table MOST nights. Breakfast? That gets served to them in the living room as they watch their morning shows (research shows that at least a half an hour of Pinky Dinky Doo each morning is critical for brain development). They like it this way - and I can get their lunches packed and things ready for school.

They were so sweet snuggling together in their recliner - until I went to take the picture and Brother gave me this lovely look.

AND - Today is my husband's birthday! Happy Birthday!! We are the same age for exactly 2 weeks a year. AND - I'd like to point out - to anyone who knows him but hasn't seen him for awhile - he looks- today at 35 - better than ever. I know - it's hard to believe he could even get better - but somehow he did. He's strong, fit, healthy and still has his amazing blue eyes. I'm a lucky girl.


Rhonda said...

Isn't that always the case when you take out the camera?? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

You surely are a blessed bunch!! We are the luckiest family in the whole world. I would have given anything to have shared in the excitement of brother making his first goal!