Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great Labor Day weekend. We had visitors from out of town and our activities included going to the zoo, honky-tonking, soccer practice, eating hot dogs and some water play in the yard. It was perfect. They have a beautiful little girl who is a little older than Little Bitty and it was certainly fun to get to spend a little extended time with her. Here are some pics from the weekend!

This is blurry, but so sweet of two buddies with their little ones. Watching the elephants. I wish their high school and college friends could have seen them moments later racing the strollers through the zoo paths. Too funny. Both daughters yelling "FASTER!"
Goat brushing. Always a crowd pleaser.
Monkeys see. Monkeys do.
Our little friend got to try out our super duper water slide pool.
She didn't like it... She loved it. ;)

Two sweeties. Awww.

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