Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Race for the Cure

My husband and I are running the Race for the Cure on Saturday. If you are able to donate to the cause - please go here to do so. Thank you!

On a personal note - I ran the Race for the Cure for the first time almost exactly 9 years ago to the day - it was October 2, 1999 in Charlotte, NC. It was one of my best days ever. I ran with a couple of friends, then went out to lunch and shopping at an outlet mall. The race was awesome, the friends were a lot of fun and - who doesn't like lunch and shopping?! THEN - I went out that night to see a Live (any other fans?) concert with a very hot guy (and some other people). It was kind of a group thing - but in my mind it was a date ( you know, the whole positive thinking/Law of Attraction thing). That night we (minus the other people) stayed up until 4am talking, laughing... and I think there was hot-tubbing involved. Not the sleazy kind.

Now, here I am - in a different city, the same weekend, 9 years later - and I'm going to spend the night with the same hot guy and our two beautiful children. We may not stay up until 4am or do any hot-tubbing...but it will be one of my best days ever - again.


TNKerry said...

Very cool - what a neat story :)

Hadyn said...

oh that's great! And YES HELLO fellow LIVE devotee right here!!! They once were a "local" band where I grew up in PA. They still rank as my all-time favorite. At their wedding, my bro and his wife's first dance was "Dance with You." I've seen them in concert many times, and want to see them with David ('cuz ya know, LIVE is a pretty sexy band) but we missed them when they came to Cary in August. I was incredibly bummed.

Okay, really stoked that you're fans :)

Anonymous said...

Nine Years????? Can't be!!! and we are so happy that you met that "hot guy" and make his (and our)lives so happy. Our contribution to Susan G. Komen is in addtiion to one that we make every year. Good luck in the race and have fun!!!
Love you!!

JoAnna said...

Love this story and love keeping up with your family through your blog. Although I've never commented, I felt compelled to when I read this. I am currently on sick leave from A.L. Brown because of a breast cancer diagnosis in May. Am currently undergoing chemo but have an excellent prognosis. So thanks for your participation and thanks for allowing me to keep up with your beautiful family.

Rhonda said...

Ahhh, that's really sweet.

Mary Uhles said...

Hey melany

I didn't know you had a blog, i loved your race story and the conversations from the kids;) good luck tomorrow!