Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another hectic Mommy Moment, but all is good.

Yesterday Brother and Little Bitty and I had a delightful play-time at an indoor play area after we picked Brother up from school. They both played hard and had a lot of fun. But - have you ever stayed somewhere about 5 minutes too long? First, had we left a little earlier - I would not have seen that one of the other play area attendees had po-po'd her pants (she was like six or so!) And the subsequent chicken buying experience may not have been so unbearable. It was hot, crowded and after I ordered and paid I saw the 83% rating on the wall - it was stamped "Follow up Scoring" - apparently 83 was an improvement. (And this was not some run down KFC, people. This was the "nicer" chicken place with the cute cows..."eat mor chiken", no thanks.) I had told the kids we would get the food to go - so we stood in the cramped waiting area with me holding Little Bitty because she's at the stage that you can't set her down unless you're prepared to chase her and pry other people's chicken out of her hands. They gave us our drinks and condiments and we waited and waited for the food. Finally, as they are setting our bags of food on the counter, Little Bitty had had enough and she began to wrestle the open bottle of milk I was letting her sip on away from me. At that point, it somehow slipped and flew through the air landing and bouncing - completely spraying and giving a good milk bath to the man in front of us (seriously, all up the back of his pants). As I apologized all over the place and tried to lamely clean the milk up (off the floor - not off his pants) with napkins and my foot (Little Bitty is still in my arms)... Brother yells from across the eating area, "Oh oh, Mommy - something spilled." He has squeezed a mayonnaise packet until it popped and has mayo all over his shirt, hand, table and glass divider. I think said chicken place should thank me for distracting all the customers to the point that most of them may not have noticed their low inspection rating.

I know my last post had a similar waiting-in-line-and-the-kids-are-so-hard-to-handle story... and I really am not one of these people that think being a mom is SO HARD and dread taking them anywhere. When we got home I was mainly laughing as I told Daddy about it. I have two beautiful happy, healthy kids - and honestly - they didn't spill milk or mayo on ME - so, it's all good. :)

On a completely different random note - does anyone find it odd that every time I listen to the radio here I hear the song Funky Cold Medina? Sure, I like some Ton Loc as much as the next girl - but really - every day? Does he live in this town or something? What is going on?


Trace said...

That is pretty funny (the song I mean).

I like that chicken place. In theory it seems like the most 'nutritiou' of fast food places.

TNKerry said...

Ok - Your story had me rolling!!! I can just picture it and it brings tears to my eyes. I have had my fair share of "can I please crawl in a hole now" moments.

carla said...


perhaps thats why we stick to the fruit there?

e will NOT eat the chicken!


Anonymous said...

I can just picture the scene! Thank you for starting my day with a good laugh! Miss you all, Zia

Ashley said...

That is too funny! I can just picture it! The fall park pictures are beautiful!

Mother Goose said...

Really. That's hilarious! This is going to be a lovely addition to my list of "Favorites" at work ... AKA "methods in procrastination."

I haven't heard the funky song, but that is interesting. Maybe it's a sign that you should name a lizard Medina or something.