Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Some pictures...

Not a lot to write about - but some pictures to share. Not much going on for Thanksgiving... but our little family will have a good one (if Mommy gets to the grocery store today). I've been twice this week already - but haven't felt like tackling the Turkey, etc. shopping. But, as we've previously determined, I work best under pressure.
Now - for the pictures! Edited: more pictures to come in another post. Blogspot is being persnickety right now.

Daddy and the kids making Snoopy Snow Cones, how fun is that?!

Brother's newest addition, "Stubby". Yes, each rubber lizard has a name.

Eating spaghetti - always a challenge...

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Anonymous said...

Zia will come teach you all how to roll spagetti with a big spoon!:-) The kids will love it!