Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Halloweeny Day

Preparing the pumpkin

Getting down and dirty, Daddy and Griffin create a masterpiece.

Dressed for the big day - MiniMouse and "Batman dressed as Superman"

Ready to head out for the Trick-or-Treating - check out Daddy and Brother's finished pumpkins! Pictures don't do them justice...I think we may take our show on the road soon (I'll cook the chili - they carve the pumpkins).

Little Bitty caught on pretty quickly to the Trick-or-Treating and was soon leaving the rest of us in her dust as she headed to the next house!

A Princess and her little treasures.
The Ghost of Red Sox Past and Brother. Yes, Halloween was a family affair this year.
Back at the bat-cave, Daddy demonstrates to brother the correct way to eat a pixistick. Note the ghosts hanging throughout the house in the background - this was one festive Halloweeny place.
Little Bitty demonstrates the correct way to eat a lollipop.

Little Bitty has just brought me her wet diaper. She laid it on my lap and then took off. Bare bum and all. That's my cue to stop blogging and start parenting.
One last question - on a scale from 1 - 10 how bad is it to oversleep and miss your scheduled parent-teacher conference? Is the offense reduced if your child is not quite 4 yet and you know he has many more conferences to come? How about if you took time off yesterday to participate in the class Halloween party?


carla said...

cant give you advice on the scale but LOOK FORWARD to the answers as Im sure Ill need them down the road.

LOVE the pics (and the bestowage o'the wet diaper)

TNKerry said...

The costumes are all adorable. Little Bitty looks so grown up and I can't believe how much hair she has (you can really see it in the lollipop pic).
Bringing you the wet diaper is definitely a cue, huh? How funny!!!
We have P-T conferences tomorrow and now you have me worried. I can so see myself oversleeping - I am not a morning person.

Grammy said...

Looks like great fun was had by ALL!! A little surprised the bow and ears stayed on the entire evening. Don't know why schools insist on scheduling P/T conferences early for those who still have toddlers in the house! You would think they would "get a clue"!! Love you!! Can't wait for birthday pictures!!

Ashley said...

Precious!!! I love the look of her running to the next house... and as far as PT conferences... I'd give you a "no big deal" really what can they tell you that you do not already know about your 4 year old. Now... the offence might be greater as the age moves up... but I'd say you are good!

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! Looks like your house was the place to be this Halloween!