Friday, November 30, 2007

Just life stuff...

Little Bitty and I had a "Guatemama" playdate yesterday. We are so lucky in that there are a lot of adoptive families here and so many with children born in Guatemala. We met a couple new friends and saw some that we hadn't seen in awhile. They are all very cool mommies with adorable kids. However, within an hour of leaving the playdate - Little Bitty's cold had progressed to thick, green goo coming from both eyes and her nose and she was visibly miserable. The doc put her on a strong antibiotic - which is helping, although she's missing picture day at school. I say all this really in a long apology to any other mommies at the playgroup. I HOPE that we didn't infect any of your kids - I would not have brought her if I thought she had more than just a runny nose! I really don't want to be that nasty mom who drags her kids around sick.


What else is new? Let's see... Little Bitty has started loving being read to. It is so cute, she has her favorite little books that she brings me each night (Elmo's So Big, Backyardigans Hide and Seek, Pat the Bunny, Animal Parade). I love that she is enjoying books so much. I do find it strange that her favorite page in the animal book is the vulture and hyena. ?

The other thing is that Brother has started reading to Little Bitty. He'll only read the books that he's SURE of the words - and we aren't allowed to smile or comment how sweet it is... but it is really sweet.


Daddy has been at a conference this week - we have been missing him very much. He'll be back tomorrow and we have big plans of decorating for Christmas. Brother has already gotten his stocking out and filled it with his rubber lizards* and it now accompanies us everywhere. It's waiting in the car right now so that we'll have it when I pick him up from school this afternoon.

*I have had an inquiry as to where to find rubber lizards. We've had luck at Walmart, Walgreens, Publix, the Orlando Airport and my sister in law got some really cool ones at the Rainforest Cafe.


Lastly, I told Brother today that in January Grammy, Nonno, Zia and Uncle Pete are all coming for a visit. I commented that Uncle Pete had never been to our house before. Brother replied, "Well, he's in for a treat". I can't tell if my four year old has already mastered sarcasm - or if I'm doing an even better job at this mommy-business than I realize.


Ashley said...

Hey... all is well here and if anything I was the one doing about 10 times more wiping than you on my child's button nose.

Hope she feels better soon.

And Pat the Bunny... E's fave... she loves to feel daddy's scratchy face, and stick the finger in Mummy's ring! Love it... we also have a stuffed Pat the Bunny that she has been lugging around! I love when they discover books!

carla said...

oooooh video soon of the reading?