Monday, November 12, 2007

Work-life balance

It has been 2 1/2 years now that I've been working from home. I appreciate the fact that my company does this SO much - so I try not to complain about having to actually do the work. However, the biggest adjustment - or risk - to working at home is that it is hard to separate the two (home and work) and devote complete separate time to both. I find myself procrastinating on work projects because I know I can cram and get it done at some point - since it is all right there at my house. Case in point - I was up until 2am last night finishing something that HAD to be done by this morning and should have been done a week ago. Some of the "work hours" over the last week have been instead devoted to reorganizing bookshelves and making some cute hand-stamped Thank You cards for Brother's b-day gifts.

I had a professor in grad school tell us to think about our study habits from our undergrad years... and then realize that these will also be our study habits for grad school because just because we were now older, it didn't mean we had suddenly changed our ways. He was so right - and apparently now that I'm even older, I still haven't changed my ways. Ah well - I'm perfect in other ways. ;)


In family news we had a nice weekend. Brother and Little Bitty had a date with Daddy on Saturday (while I "worked") and went to the Nature Center and then to see The Bee Movie. Our Little Bitty did great at her first theatre movie - Daddy said the only time she fussed was when Brother wanted a sip of the shared soda.

Daddy worked on Sunday but Brother, Little Bitty and I joined him for lunch and then went to Michaels for some baskets to help organize some of my shelves that suddenly jumped to the top of my "to do" list with my looming work deadline. Michaels was packed for some reason and we entertained the whole mass of waiting people by Brother telling me a long, involved superhero story (think Neverending Story with Spiderman, Woody from Toys, and a donkey somehow involved) - all the while Little Bitty yelled "Dada!" into my cell phone and ran from rack to rack "gently" touching everything she could reach then placing most items on the floor then laughing as Mommy scrambled to replace them, tried to catch her, not lose the place in line, and feign interest at the very animated story being shouted at me. Times like that make me laugh so much - I feel like I'm in a movie about a busy mom and I admittedly get a little stressed at points with it all... but really I LOVE IT!


carla said...

Ive had those working at 2am nights (mornings?) here as well.

it's so much less fun when you know everyone else is sleeping college at least other people were up tho usually they were drinking!


TNKerry said...

Right there with you working from home, whichhas worked great for the past five years, but has become much more challenging with CiCi. Atleast she keeps everything in perspective for me and she definitely lets me know when I am not giving her enough attention.