Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Red Ribbon Night

Well, the night of the Festival started out with high hopes - my chili was gone within a half an hour while the 20+ other pots were still full. I thought I had the blue ribbon in the bag. Ah well, second place isn't bad. It will give me something to strive for next year. I joked with one mom that I only have about 3 more years to get the blue ribbon - otherwise we'll have to hold Little Bitty back from Kindergarten so that I can keep competing at their preschool. Luckily, she knew I was joking. Another mom who suggested I enter in the State Fair - to which I replied, "Oh yea - maybe I can work my way up to a National Championship" - did not respond with a laugh. She merely nodded in agreement. My friends who remember the days when fixing the rice for our dinner "parties" was more than I could handle - would see the humor in this.

Mommy, Brother and Little Bitty posing with our Red Ribbon

The pumpkin muffins that Brother and I made to sell at the bake sale. Thanks, Michelle!

Little Bitty the morning after the big Festival @ Shoneys. She reminds me of a college student the day after a big party. ;)


On a completely different note and tone... the following goes under "speculations of an adoptive mommy". It has nothing to do with chili or muffins. Thankfully, right?

Since Little Bitty arrived home I have put her to bed by lying down next to her. This routine started off in Mommy and Daddy's bed and then I'd move her to her crib once she was asleep. Then, since we've moved her to her twin mattress we do our snuggle routine in her room. It has been so interesting to see the way our snuggling has progressed. In the beginning, she always wanted me there - but she would face away from me and not really want to be touched at all. At the time, I didn't think this had anything to do with bonding - I just thought it was how she liked to sleep. Then, several months ago - she started backing up into me right before she was reading to drift off to sleep. She would wiggle her way into a "spooning" position and then be asleep within a minute. I cherished this little change of habit. I rocked Brother to sleep for at least a year when he was a baby and it felt a little odd to have her fall asleep out of my arms. Well, this past week or so - she's decided to get even closer. Now, she hangs out on the bed until she's about ready to fall asleep and then rolls over facing me and wraps both little arms around my neck. She's even started trying to use my face as a pillow at times. It's like she can't get close enough. Looking back on the progression - I think it has been part of her bonding process. And it is so cool. There is nothing better than being next to someone and realizing, without a doubt, that they love you as much as you love them.


TNKerry said...

Your last sentence brought tears to my eyes. It really is amazing to feel the bonding process.

Michelle Smiles said...

Glad the cupcakes worked out! I will have to think about trying the bread that way - portion control. HAHA.

Chili huh...hubby has been begging me to make it and now that it is cool I've been considering. Reading this made me hungry for it so I'll have to make a pot this week. Congrats on second place! Did you taste the first place? Was it really better than yours? the bonding story. Sweetest thing ever!

carla said...

sure, I love the bonding story :) BUT your caption for that last picture?