Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My stroke of genius and some pumpkins

First - my stroke of genius. Brother is what some may call a picky eater. I'm still hoping it is just his age. But for now, it is a real struggle to get him to try even a bite of many of the things I make for dinner. I recently offered him $1000 to eat one green bean. He declined. (I know that he has no concept of a $1000 yet - hence the offer.) We've also tried the "you will sit here until you try at least a bite" and "yum... this broccoli is really great dipped in ranch, try it... just one bite" none of this has really worked. The ploy that DID work last night - we pretended that each bite of dinner was something that either "Survivor Man" or "Man vs. Wild" might have to eat. So, broccoli with ranch - gross. A chicken beak cooked over an open fire - not bad. I gloated over my "stroke of genius" as Brother ate several bites of his dinner. My husband's reply was "yes - if that's the route we want to take... trickery and games." Umm - yes, it is!

Our trip to the pumpkin patch was great. Brother and Little Bitty had a lot of fun despite the 90 degree heat. Thankfully, we did get to skip the hayride because Brother had no interest in it... I think he's catching on that the thought of a hayride is really more fun than the ride itself. Kind of like horse-back riding - or skiing. Now - a bunch of pictures highlighting the day.

Little Bitty on a little bitty John Deer
Brother on a tire swing
The best picture out of about eight tries in this pose
This one taken by Brother!
Picking some good ones
Brother and the outhouse
Little Bitty taking playing in the corn very seriously
This is my favorite - Brother is the best big brother anyone could ever ask for!


carla said...

that last one is my fave as well.

we might need to rent brother here for a bit since miss. e is FOR SURE :) and only!!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry there little nephew...It's ok to still be eating bologna and chicken fingers when your 30! :-) Love the pumpkin patch pics. They are simply the sweetest, cutest kids ever! Love to you all, Zia

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to keep caught up on all the goin' on. And don't listen to Zia, chicken beak sounds mighty yummy to me! Whatever it takes. Miss you! Can't wait to see you all soon!!
Love you,

Ashley said...

Loving it... we have stooped to the "trickery" because in parenting... all things go... if it works! (ask my brother who thought that Captin D's chicken was their fish until he was in middle school)

And did I spy Gentry's??? We are hoping to go next weekned!!!