Friday, October 26, 2007

From the mind of a Supermom

Yesterday was one of those days when I marveled (for a short time) at what a wonderful mother I am. I was productive at my job during the day - all while caring for Little Bitty - who played nicely with her toys, did some drawing, and actually watched very little TV. Then, we picked Brother up from school a little early and went to a cool local toy store that has a haunted hallway. I escaped the store only spending $1.12 - we bought one sour gummy lizard and one lollipop (you guess who picked out what). Then, we came home and Brother and I made homemade pumpkin muffins for the bake sale at the Fall Festival at their school today. Then, I baked some chicken and gathered ingredients to start the crock pot full of chili that we're entering in the Chili Cook-Off at the Fall Festival (I was robbed and got 3rd place last year - I think I have a shot at the blue ribbon this year). Then, after getting Little Bitty to sleep - I designed and printed off some very cute invitations for Brother's upcoming birthday party at the local Pump It Up. Right when I felt a little too good about my Supermom-ness I took one of the invitations up to show Brother (who was reading in bed with Daddy). I waited for his little face to light up with excitement at my creation. His reaction? He burst into tears and told me he didn't like them. He wanted Backyardigans invites that you color yourself. ?! Who knew. We reached a compromise (something he is learning very well - or am I the one learning it?) and his school friends are getting the cute-custom made ones and I'll get some Backyardigans ones for some neighbors we're inviting. It's fine... but if anyone bursts into tears after trying my chili tonight - I'm done.

Here are some random pics from the last week.

Brother added a new lizard to our family. This one clips on a key chain which is then fastened to his belt loop. He actually scored 4 new lizards total -
those deserve a post of their own. coming soon.

This is Little Bitty waiting for our train in Mt. Dora - I like this picture because she's double-nutzering. One in mouth - one in hand.

Family Train Photo. Here is Brother helping me make the pumpkin muffins. See his happy face? This was before I showed him his heinous birthday party invites. See Little Bitty in the background? Go to next photo.
Little Bitty was caught very carefully pouring her milk (from McDonalds - I left that part out of my Supermom story) into the muffins papers. She was so focused on it - I just let her do and cleaned the mess up later.


carla said...

ahhhh Mominyhood.

love the pics.

TNKerry said...

Stop it Supermom - you make the rest of us look bad. I'd be proud of myself if I accomplished all of that in a week. Here I was feeling good about myself that I made it to the store to get CiCi's birthday present for her party tomorrow AND I found plates and napkins that sorda match the invitations I sent out on Tuesday (I did mention the party is tomorrow, right?) Hopefully tonight I will make it back to the store to buy food for the party - maybe I could use your chili recipe?? Sounds Yummy!!!!