Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Out Of Sorts

Brother: Mommy, I'm feeling all out of sorts.
Mommy: You are, sweetie?
Brother: Yes... I think I only have about one or two sorts left.

I had the brief conversation above with Brother a couple months ago. Last week - I only had about one or two sorts left - and then Little Bitty used them up Wednesday night when she would only be consoled by the singing of Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, Austin and Tasha (on the mini-DVD player in our bed) until 4am. Note that this wasn't a spoiled toddler situation - her ear infection was apparently causing her pain that was alleviated only by the sweet voices of The Backyardigans.

Luckily, we left for Florida Thursday where we had a delightful visit with family, an awesome time at the wedding and a lot of great food and drink. So, we returned Sunday night with all of our sorts and ready to get back in our groove. Thank goodness that groove has included Little Bitty sleeping all night (whether it is mostly on her little mattress or in our bed is unimportant - it's sleep!)

Today we visited the pediatrician for Little Bitty's 15 month check-up. She's still on the small side of average (except for her big melon), but growing well and very healthy. Plus, the doc assured me that shh, dkk, and brrrr are actually words when used consistently. So, I guess she is talking quite a bit. She has mastered "DADDA" - and it is usually followed by a squeal and laugh - which is about all that anyone could ask for. I even got a couple "mama's" last week - although they were followed by sobs and outstretched arms... but I'll take it. ;)


carla said...

welcome back!

I love how our guat tots are so speech delayed. (I really do in that they all catch up in the end...)

however I do think chris is SOOOO TIRED of being called MOMMY.

she KNOWS dada (and will point at his pic when he is at the office and say DADA) but she likes to use mommy in place of parent.

beats the CHICKENBUS outta the week she called me DADA.

I was so over that FAST since we spend 24/7 together she could at least get my "name" :)

TNKerry said...

(Carla...) My CiCi does call me Dada and it stinks. Especially since she can say Mama. SHe thinks she is very funny. I disagree.

Glad to hear your ped's opinion on talking. I have a feeling we will be the same way at 15 months.