Sunday, October 7, 2007

A sled for all seasons

One of my favorite blogs is Carla's.They have a little girl who they adopted from Guatemala a few months before Pilar came home. They used our same agency, etc. She has pondered before whether her daughter is bored with the sameness of their days at home together... or if it is true that toddlers thrive on routine. It is sometimes hard to know. I have gone back and forth with these same thoughts and struggled with working from home and feeling like I should have my kids here with me more - but really unable to get it all done when they are here.

But, on Thursday (one of Little Bitty's days at-home-with-Mommy) I caught Little Bitty trying to escape and decided that she does, in fact, enjoy a day out now and again. It's good to have that confirmation.

So, this weekend (in the spirit of keeping things interesting around here) with both Brother and Little Bitty at home, we devised this game. Thank you, Mum for the sled. It is a year-round present that just keeps on giving - even here in the South.

Later, Brother and Little Bitty had a quiet dinner together. Sometimes it is nice for them to just get away and have time by themselves without hovering parents. After their dinner they turned in early and slept peacefully all night. Yeah, right. ;)

This morning we developed yet another use for the sled. I know it may appear a little dangerous in the pictures... but we really try to foster a sense of adventure in our children. Please overlook the chocolate chip cookie on the floor near Little Bitty's foot. I don't have the time nor skills to edit out all our imperfections for the blog.

We have a trip planned to a pumpkin patch later. So, please look forward to some good fall photos that will hopefully a) not involve activities that would make DSS question my parenting and b) have Brother in actual clothes that have been bought to wear in public. Only time will tell though.


Trace said...

I love Carla's blog too. She was actually my old SBP and I had the BEST time selecting fun kiddie camo!

Have fun at the pumkin patch! I always think it's so funny to see little ones next to the huge pumpkins.

Mother Goose said...

Hey ... you've been a busy blogger! This is a really cute site. I see that you already had teh pumpkin patch idea ... maybe that's where you were today?

Oh well. Hope to see you soon anyway!

carla said...

thanks for the sweet shoutout AND emma is on her way to you for a visit.

She's coming FED EX OVERNIGHT.


Nonno's Cousin said...

I Love This !!! Just got back from vacation and opened your email. I've read it all and the pictures are wonderful. Love to all - AnitaMA

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! There isn't ever a dull moment for Brother and Little Bitty! Can't wait to see you all next week! Love, Zia

TNKerry said...

I love the sled creativity!!!!