Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Never-EVER-ending Story

We checked out this movie (The Neverending Story) at the library last week. For those who aren't familiar with it, it is an early 80's (I think) kid's adventure movie. I thought Brother would enjoy it - he did. Despite having to have Daddy or me help him cover his eyes at some parts, he was totally engrossed with the whole adventure. And now - Atrayu lives with us. He fights wolves with knives. Valcor, the flying luck-dragon joins us everywhere we go. Artez, the warrior horse is also in our home. Daddy and Atrayu have had some ferocious wrestling matches as they try to save the world. The good in all this (other than the joy and excitement of Brother having a new adventure to act out) - I get to be known as "Empress" now. I'm kind of getting used to it.


In other news, Little Bitty is still not walking. She has resumed crawling and will pull and stand holding on to stuff - but the leg is still obviously giving her pain. Yesterday after a dose of Motrin she did take some steps and walk a little... but this morning she hasn't used her leg at all. The doc said to give it until Tuesday. She was also up for A LOT of the night last night very fussy and with a slight fever. I think it is a teething thing. The great thing about being a parent?
This is all just part of it and when she was wide awake at her usual early hour this morning - grinning, laughing and wanting me to get up and play - she was completely irresistible. I think we love each other even more today after our rough night together. Our Little Bitty is a joy even when she's not at her best.


carla said...

I think we love each other even more today after our rough night together.

and THAT speaks VOLUMES about you as a person.

Trace said...

That is a popular movie in our family. It's one of my moms favorites! The Princess Bride is my husbands favorite. The first year we were married my mom tried to convert my husband and gave it to him for Christmas. It didn't exactly work...nothing replaces TPB.