Thursday, October 4, 2007

Spiderman Sighting

Anderson Cooper 360?
I'd say more like Anderson Cooper 180.
If you don't get the reference. GOOD.

And now on to some actual unbiased and candid journalism:


Spiderman learning to hula hoop.
Oh - and we've determined that the Phoebe-from-friends pronunciation of Spiderman, "SPIDERmen " is not received well in this house.

Shortly after the hula hooping, Brother saw that our neighbor was in his garage (man in his 30's, married but no children, slightly serious demeanor). So, he told me that he thought Mr. Scott would probably like to see his Spiderman costume. Our little boy is not an "in your face" type of kid, but rather, somewhat shy a lot of times - so I was proud of him for wanting to walk to our neighbor's house and say hi (by himself even) and told him to go on over. I was kind of laughing to myself wishing I could be a fly on the wall when Mr. Scott looked up from whatever he was doing and saw a 3 ft. Spiderman standing staring at him.

When he returned, I asked him what Mr. Scott thought of his outfit. His reply, "Well... he DIDN'T say like 'Hi Buddy, cool costume' or anything... he was just kind of like, 'Oh, hi Spiderman.'" He seemed not so much disappointed as just perplexed. Me too, really.


I love Little Bitty's current jack-o-laternesque smile. I almost don't want to see the other front tooth pop through!

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Grammy said...

Well, I think Spiderman is REALLY Cool!!! Maybe Mr Scott will appreciate it more when it gets closer to Halloween (since he doesn't eem to get it now that Spiderman is a year-round thing.) Love you!

carla said...

just checking in.
signed someone who will never put a counterthingy on her blog as now she can pretend she has a readership of THOUSANDS,