Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On the mend and off to Florida

We are leaving for Florida tomorrow. We are lucky that Brother and Little Bitty's grandparents all live in pretty cool places. Therefore trips to go see the family are also vacation-like. So, tomorrow we will be arriving at Grammy and Nonno's house for some R&R and a lot of fun. We will also get to spend the weekend with a lot of extended family as our cousin is getting married (and his fiancee is also a good family friend)! Fun weekend ahead!

So, we're busy packing. So far, we've packed the usual; wedding attire, poolside attire, shorts, t-shirts, pajamas, comfy travel clothes... and 7 or 8 costumes. Because it's close to Halloween? No, just because costumes are awesome. I loved overhearing Daddy convincing Brother that with all the costumes he already had in his little suitcase, the cowboy hat just would NOT fit.


Little Bitty is finally using walking as her primary mode of movement again. I think her five-day ear infection and fever slowed the healing process down a bit since she just did not feel like moving anyway - let alone with a hurt leg. But, today she was showing signs of being the little firecracker that she is.

Nutzer? Check. Cowboy Hat? Check. Red Lollipop from several hours ago? Check.

Red cape to be a superhero like Brother? Check. The Little Bitty is back in business!


TNKerry said...

Have fun on your visit. Love that you are packing the costumes. My five year old loves to dress up - right now he is either into being a king or Batman - depends on the day.

carla said...

have a great trip!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy to hear that Littly Bitty is back to her firecracker self! I cannot wait to see all the costumes and have so much fun with you all!!! Fly safely and I'll see you tonight! Love, Zia

Grammy said...

I miss you all so much already and you have only been gone a day. Hope the trip home was good. Love you!!! Grammy