Thursday, October 11, 2007

The immobile Little Bitty

She didn't want to go down the twisty tunnel slide but since we like to "foster a sense of adventure in our kids" - I put her on my lap and away we went anyway. She stuck her leg out part way down to try to stop us.

The x-rays didn't reveal any breaks in her leg, but the doctor said at this age it sometimes takes several days for a break to show on the x-ray. Hopefully, it is just some sort of strain and in a few days she'll be walking (or at least crawling!) again and we won't have to get more x-rays. Our poor Little Bitty.

Interestingly enough - it seems that Brother experienced the most trauma from the injury. He was not at all happy when the radiology tech told him he couldn't stand with Little Bitty and me while she got the x-rays taken - and when they had me don the rubber and lead vest he proceeded to scream and sob repeatedly from the other room (he could see us as he was only about 8 feet away standing in an open doorway), "DON'T WEAR THE VEST MOMMY, DON'T WEAR IT!!!" I still haven't figured out if he thought the vest was somehow going to hurt me... or if it was just that offensive to a little man with such keen fashion sense (you've seen the wardrobe). At any rate, his meltdown was really something to behold and the three radiology techs (and Little Bitty) all gave me sympathetic little smiles and pats on the back as we left. I kept saying things like, "geez - he doesn't usually act like this... wow, he must be tired... hmmm, someone must really be ready for lunch...etc." They weren't believing a word of it, they obviously thought that my sweet little guy has some real issues - which he doesn't - he just REALLY didn't like that vest.

Carla - you about ready for that FedEx shipment? ;)

No pictures to share at this point. I'll try to take some tomorrow of Little Bitty and myself lounging on the couch eating bon bons. Which reminds me of the good news - at 15 months - our Little Bitty finally topped 20lbs!


carla said...



it is FILLED with surprised huh?


Grammy said...

Maybe he thought the vest was some sort of super hero garb that was going to vaporize you instead of protect you! He IS sensitive you know? Hope Bitty's injury is superficial and she is walking on it by now. Love you!

TNKerry said...

OMG Melany - how traumatic and funny all at once. I can just imagine how you felt with LB and her sad, hurting leg and then Brother freaking out over a...vest. Maybe it made you look like a bad guy in Spiderman world???

I hope nothing is broken and LB is up and walking in no time :)