Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ah, Spring!

The pictures aren't good (in fact, they're pretty lame) - but they're an account of the great spring day that we had today. Brother played hooky since it was such a beautiful day (and since he's not even in kindergarten and I work from home - he can do that). We played outside with friends, had a picnic lunch, ran through the sprinkler... and topped the day off with a visit from the ice cream man!

Brother and Little Bitty about to enjoy our picnic... except for the fact that Brother has a small scratch on his toe that prevented him from eating and Little Bitty's diaper is so full that she had trouble sitting down. Other than that, it was really quite lovely.

Shortly after the picnic (attempt)... Little Bitty was informed that it was nap-time and she ran screaming from the room to hide. Here she is behind our bedroom mirror. I'm sure the fact that I'm stalking her with our camera wasn't at all annoying to her during her tantrum.

ICE CREAM! He even pulled into our driveway...which was thrilling for the kids ...and yet terrifying for me because now the ex-con who drives the truck knows where we live.

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