Friday, April 4, 2008

What I've been reading...

This book is wonderful. I highly recommend it. It has mystery, celebrates diversity, takes you around the world - and you can enjoy it over and over. And over. And over.

Seriously, Brother and Little Bitty both enjoy this so much - so anyone with young children out there - check it out. We always enjoy story time before bed, but it's hard to find books that entertain both of them at the same time because of their age difference (4.5 and 21 months) - but Elmo and Grover have succeeded.

The only drawback - they now fight over who gets to find what on different pages. Little Bitty is so ornery, errr... I mean smart, that she now knows what Brother is going to want to find on each page and points to it as soon as we get there. She'll then turn and give him a smug little grin as he screams, "I wanted to find the mountain climbeeerrrr!". Although, he's starting to wise up to her game and is tricking her by saying out loud "I hope I get to find the mango on the next page..." and when she points to it, he follows up with, "HA! I really wanted to find the sloth". I figure we have about two nights left before she wises up to his tactic and somehow finds a way to telepathically figure out what he's thinking and continue on with her satisfaction of annoying (and charming) her brother. Or else she'll just get mad and throw the book.

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