Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dinner Time Phenomenon

Last night at dinner Brother asked for thirds on the chicken cutlets. Then, Little Bitty finished her dinner - and rather than clawing at my legs or sitting in my lap to pour juice in my plate - she went to the closet, got out the tinker toys and sat quietly next to us at her little activity table and played. With the tinker toys. In the way in which they were meant to be played. ? My husband and I eyed the kids and exchanged looks like - what's up with this? I could only deduce that it was a full moon or some change in barometric pressure.

Although, later at bath time Little Bitty threw a super-size cup of water at me because I wouldn't let her take a (cloth) teddy bear in the bath. And Brother made a big production of soaping and cleaning his boy parts. So - whatever the dinner-time phenomenon was- it had passed by 7:30pm. All was back to normal.


TNKerry said...

Give me that dinner time phenomenon...PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

if by normal you mean LIKE OUR HOUSE :)
which I hope you do.


Michelle Smiles said...

I have been so bad about dinner...we still don't eat as a family. Sabrina eats and then goes to bed while I cook dinner for Steve and me. She does pretty well when we go out to a restaurant though - but I imagine she wouldn't enjoy sitting through a family dinner on a nightly basis.