Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where Is Pointer?

Don't you hate it when someone crams their pointy little finger up your nose so far and hard that it gives you a full-on nose bleed - and then they're so upset by your bleeding nose that you have to comfort them?

Or - ooh - I know... how about when Princess Pointy-finger-nose-picker wakes up at 2am and will only be soothed by laying in your bed between you and your husband while you sing "Where is Thumbkin" and your husband does the hand motions?

But, you know - that which doesn't kill us (the nose bleed did stop) makes us stronger... or makes us love our husbands even more. The sight of him wiggling his thumbs along to the beat at 2am was just so darn sweet.


In other parenting news - Brother announced yesterday that he would like to have 3 parents. One to play with him at all times, one to do all the cooking, and one to (and I quote) work and make money. So many thoughts about this... I can't even choose which one to go with.


Mother Goose said...

Ah Griffin. Ever providing more insightful thoughts on life and politics.

I just looked at your profile: I LOVE THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE BOOK TOO!!!

Speaking of ... what's up with Book Club? Do we need to take action?

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why brother told me, and I quote, "Grammy, I wish you were in our family." I thought he meant that he wished I lived closer so we could see each more often. HMMMMMMM - wonder which one I would be? (certainly NOT the money making and working one!) Miss YOu!!!
Love you, Grammy

TNKerry said...

Awww!!! Sweet Daddy.
Love LB's way of looking at things - I know we could use three parents and our house!!!

carla said...