Thursday, April 10, 2008

A beautifully busy day

I started off the day thinking that being a stay at home mom isn't really that hard - as long as you don't try to be a stay at home mom AND a work from home mom at the same time. So, I blew off my paying job (I will be catching up later) for the day - and took Little Bitty to the beauty salon for her first haircut. She kept the same serious expression the whole time. She was SO good - but just looked completely resigned to the fact that her hair was being cut and there was nothing she could do about it. I think that's how I felt too - I hated to see her beautiful hair cut, but it needed a little trim and clean up (the lady remarked that there seemed to be something sticky in her hair... really?! I wonder what that is? In my head I was thinking... really? Don't all kids her age with more hair than most grown women have sticky stuff in their hair - because she does. Always.) Anyway - the beautician followed directions well and you can hardly even tell it was cut. Which actually leaves me wondering a little why I paid for this... hmmm... $15 to comb out some sticky stuff.After the haircut, I took her to a mall play area, we had a snack, window shopped, went to her school to help decorate a flower pot, picked up Brother, ran to McD's (just for drinks), came home, played pirates, transformers, a fishing game, chase, and this is all before dinner and bath time. So, I'm ending the day thinking that being a stay at home mom really IS still hard - even if you do blow off your paying job. AND - I still have to do my paying job after they go to bed. So, what is my point? I'm not sure. It was a great day. I wouldn't trade it for the world but tomorrow when both kids are at school and I'm doing some clinical system analyzing, a part of me will be breathing a sigh of relief. BUT - the other part of me will look around at the rubber lizards and baby dolls all over the place and not be able to wait until it is time to pick them up!

A day like today is good though to remind me that I have all the fun I can handle right now and to stop looking at A friend's post had me thinking crazy thoughts. Tricia - no more pictures of that adorable puppy unless it is of poo on the floor or a middle-of-the-night walk.


Tricia said...

Scout says GET A PUPPY!!!!! Brother & lil bitty need a buddy!!!!!!!!


Working from home mom and stay at home mom with 2 kids and 2 dogs,

TNKerry said...

So completely understand!!! I have been a work from home stay at home mom for 6 years and I "retired" Wednesday. It is such a weird (and wonderful) feeling. However, I keep thinking I am forgetting something and I keep checking my e-mails and I find my self disappointed when nothing appears in the inbox. I am quite sure I will be over it by next week :)

Trace said...

What a little face sitting in the stylist chair. A puppy is a lot of work so if you're already feeling overextended think twice. Glad you had such a nice day.

Anonymous said...

She looks like such a big girl sitting in that chair! Just a beautiful as ever! You know my thoughts on the puppy a mom of two amazing rescues - they give so much love and are an absolute joy - however, they require A LOT of time and $$. I don't know what we'd do without them...and to think where they'd be....!